TashMahal Alaçatı Boutique Hotel


When it comes to surfing, Alaçatı is undoubtedly the first place that comes to mind in Turkey. The town which is famous for its bays, beaches and winds, welcomes many tourists from all over the world with its windsurfing opportunities every year.

Çark, Windsurf and Yumru Koy beaches allow you to surf thanks to their natural beauty. While Çark beach is one of the most preferred beaches in Alaçatı, many party organizations also take place on this beach.

The Windsurf Paradise beach continues to be one of Alaçatı’s heartlands with similar features. The shallow structure of the sea makes it easier for beginners. Minors who can not swim can do their first tries on this beach. Many of the Alaçatı surf schools are also located near this beach.

The reason why Alaçatı is a center of attraction for surfing enthusiasts is, of course, the suitability of the climate and the sea for windsurfing. Unlike other Aegean cities, which are too hot during the summer months, the air here cools down slightly with the breeze. This provides a very suitable climate for windsurfing.

The wind blows in Alaçatı 330 days a year. This figure is accepted above the average of Turkey and the climate conditions here make it a center for windsurfing. Both those who like to surf, and those who are interested in surfing prefer to spend their vacations in this town. The nature that makes people feel relaxed is turning this town into a holiday paradise.

Alaçatı and windsurfing have been a very good duo, and within a short time festivals and competitions have started to be organized. While many clubs and companies started to become active recently, famous instructors provide training in surfing schools. There are many schools and surf clubs in the region.