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Food & Beverage

Another reason to come to Alaçatı: a rich cuisine where you you will taste Aegean delicacies!

There are many food and beverage places where you will enjoy eating and spending time in Alaçatı. If you like the Aegean cuisine, you can visit Alaçatı for Crete and Greek cuisine. Especially with organic tomatoes and peppers, organic eggs and natural honey, you can taste the rich cuisine of Alaçatı.

You can shop at Alaçatı Market where you can find every kind of fresh food, and you can take the food to your home as if you just did pick them up from the field. If you have time during your visit to the town, you can also visit the Alaçatı villages where natural environment is preserved, organic production and quiet village life are maintained.

Alaçatı has bakeries that serve pastries for everyone’s taste. You can taste the products with gum mastic, cookies and ice cream varieties which are Alaçatı’s symbolic tastes, and reward yourself with Turkish coffee with gum mastic.

You can even visit Alaçatı just for classic Aegean breakfast. Having a breakfast by the sea with indispensables of Turkish breakfast, the bagel, gözleme (stuffed Turkish pancakes), scrambled egg with sucuk (Turkish pepperoni) and menemen (eggs scrambled with tomatoes and green pepper) will make the start of your day ten times better! Oh, by the way, don’t forget to taste Alaçatı’s gum mastic jam!

In Alaçatı restaurants, you can taste a variety of appetizers and fresh herbs that taste as if they were picked up from your backyard. You can also have a tasty dinner with a variety of seafood.

There are favorite places to eat Kumru (Alaçatı style sandwich) in Alaçatı. The debate of “Best kumru-maker of Alaçatı” still goes on. You can look for or ask the people around about the places for their history, the bread and stuffing they use and don’t end your vacation without tasting Kumru.

The appearance and taste of Alaçatı midye (stuffed mussels) is out of the ordinary and quite different. The Pilav (rice stuffing) is prepared carefully and the fresh mussel meat is added. Just taste a midye for once and you will surely find yourself looking at a mountain of empty mussel shells.