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In addition to being famous for their cleanliness and crystal clear waters, Alaçatı beaches’ popularity is ever increasing since they are suitable for windsurfing. The year round blowing wind attracts surf enthusiasts from all over the world to Alaçatı.

Alaçatı beaches are ideal for swimming and sunbathing. In a muggy summer, you will like Alaçatı for its cooling breeze.

You can read your book, listen to music and sip your drink while lounging on your sunbed for hours without being bored in Alaçatı beaches.

Alaçatı Beaches

Çark Beach: is the most famous beach of Alaçatı. Every summer, it hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists. It is possible to see many celebrities especially in the summer on this beach with crystal clear waters.

Piyade Beach: Just like Çark Beach, long walks on Piyade Beach, which has crystal clear waters and beautiful sands, is one of the tourists’ favorite things to do here.

Sole Mare Beach Club: Sole Mare Beach Club: We can call it one of the most favorite beaches of Alaçatı. Sole Mare, which is consistently ranked in the top 10 by the magazines’ holiday guides, is able to conquer the hearts and minds of all tourists with the magnificent beach during the day and the unlimited fun during the night (which goes on till the dawn!).

Babylon Beach Club: Babylon Beach Club: Babylon Beach Club: You can enjoy beach volleyball and surfing during the day party up all night. Fun and enthusiasm go on for 24 hours in Babylon Beach Club.

Bianco Beach Club: Bianco Beach Club: Another venue where the entertainment goes on for 24 hours, Bianco is able to attract and fill the whole place with tourists with its delicious food, entertaining and lively atmosphere at the beach and DJ performances at night.

Alaçatı Windsurf Paradise: Alaçatı Windsurf Paradise: Windsurf Paradise, which is close to Alaçatı marina, provides an ideal environment for those who want to learn windsurfing with its shallow waters. There is also an environment where those who don’t know how to swim can learn to swim easily and can sunbathe and have fun.

Yumru Cove: The length of Yumru Cove, where the windsurfing clubs are located, is 1900 meters. Its eastern shore is a mountain, so that people with fear of swimming in an open sea can swim here without worrying. Three sides of the area are surrounded by the land and only the southern part is open, and thus it is very safe. In addition to windsurfing, kite surfers also visit this cove.

Seaside: Seaside has a 5000 m² beach and has the clearest waters in ​​Alaçatı. It also hosts the largest outdoor events in Turkey with its restaurant, club and the concert area.

Ilıca Beach: Ilıca is close to Alaçatı and is one of the most preferred beaches. In spite of the crowd, it is possible to swim without feeling discomfort, since it reaches 2 kilometers in length. Thermal facilities also increase the attractiveness of this area.